And then there was sound

By | September 27, 2008

As you will no doubt agree, it’s about time Pyskool included sound effects. The silent walkings, silent firings of catapults, and silent bells are wholly unnatural, and shouldn’t have been allowed for so long. So you’ll be pleased to hear – heh – that sound will make it into Pyskool 0.0.3.

So far I have the sound effects just mentioned – walking, firing catapult, and bell – working, and I’ve already sampled all the other sound effects from the original games, so they’ll be ready to use when the time comes. Including the rare sound effect from Back to Skool that played only when you knocked Einstein or Angelface out with a conker from the tree. Why that particular event needed its own sound effect is unclear (to me, anyway), but it will be there for the sake of completeness.

Next sound effect to be implemented? That of Eric being knocked out by Boy Wander’s catapult pellet or Angelface’s fist. I should get the theme tunes going, too. Now, should hitting make a sound effect? It did in the original Skool Daze, but not in Back to Skool. Hmm, decisions, decisions…