Pyskool 1.2.1 has been released. As usual, copies are available from the download page and also from PyPI.

This is a maintenance release with - wait for it, wait for it! - no new features. With that déjà vu-inducing admission out of the way, let’s get on to what’s actually changed in the 16 or so months since 1.2 was released.

First, when Eric is writing on a blackboard, the text will now automatically wrap from the first line to the second. The fact that this was previously not the case was also known as bug 582343 or issue 3. However, unlike the original games, the text still does not wrap from the second line back to the first. We may have to wait another six years (perhaps more) for that to be “fixed”.

Next, two missing verbs - ATE and KIDNAPPED - have finally been added to the [AssemblyMessages] section for Back to Skool. Why they were missed out to begin with remains a mystery. My best guess is that it happened because ATE and KIDNAPPED are not contiguous with the other verbs in memory in the original game, so I overlooked them. If you have any better ideas, feel free to comment.

Finally, the URLs in images.ini have been updated (from ftp to http). This shouldn’t have caused any problems because images.ini contains secondary URLs pointing at, but still, a broken link is a broken link.

So there it is. Take Pyskool 1.2.1 for a spin today and see how many assemblies you have to sit through before Mr Wacker puts you all in detention because someone ate or kidnapped the caretaker’s budgie.