Lo-res lock-in

By | December 16, 2010

i love INK and PAPERPyskool 0.5.3 has been released. The download page has freshly prepared copies waiting for you.

0.5.3 is a bugfix release. In earlier versions there is a bug that makes Pyskool crash when trying to load a game that was saved using GraphicsMode 0 (hi-res colour); this bug is now fixed. Saved games from earlier versions in the 0.5.x series should work just fine in 0.5.3. Thanks to Alex for spotting the bug.

7 thoughts on “Lo-res lock-in

  1. Albert

    I get the .zip file, but there’s any .exe file in it. Why? =(

  2. admin Post author

    No, there’s no .exe file, just .py (Python) files. You’ll need to install Python and Pygame in order to run Pyskool. See the docs for more info.

  3. Sslaxx

    Just wondering if there’d be any chance at all of getting the Klass of 99 graphics and importing them into PySkool…

  4. admin Post author

    To do that, you’d need to create a PNG file containing the Klass of 99 sprites in the same arrangement as the sprites already in images/originalx1/common/sprites.png in the Pyskool distribution.

    Any takers for this task? 🙂

  5. tuki cat

    Fantastic game Richard, the memories can flooding back playing this!

    I have produced a port of this for the Pandora handheld console, I hope that is OK with you.

    Thanks again.

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