Not dead

By | April 30, 2009

But not much to report, either, to be honest. Though version 0.1.1 has been released, and you can collect it from the usual place. It fixes a bug in 0.1 where Eric gets trapped in his seat if he’s knocked out of it by a catapult pellet and then tries to stand up. It will probably be the last release in the 0.1 series, unless somebody finds an absolutely catastrophic bug that eats their dog or sets their house on fire (or vice versa).

What about 0.2, and all the Back to Skool features that need to be implemented? Well, I haven’t forgotten about those. I still plan to do the implementing, but I expect progress to be slow, because my spare time is rather more limited now than it was during the period leading up to Pyskool 0.1. So Eric will be able to fire a waterpistol, and drop stinkbombs, and catch (and release) mice and frogs, and ride a bike – eventually.

Hang in there, and enjoy Pyskool 0.1.1 in Skool Daze mode in the meantime.