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By | October 31, 2008

Continuing the trend of implementing those special playtimes for Skool Daze mode, I am pleased to report that the playtimes where the little boys gang together and then roam the skool looking for big kids and teachers to knock down – Playtime-Stampede-{1,2} in skool_daze.ini – are production-ready in Pyskool. Now, these playtimes are not “special”… Read More »

Peas, grass and mumps

By | October 28, 2008

Remember those “special” playtimes in Skool Daze? Three playtimes out of eight (on average, in the long run) were one of those where Eric was accosted by a small boy and told some story about Boy Wander, Einstein or Angelface. (Press ‘U’ if you understood.) Eric then had to fix the race to the fire… Read More »

Slightly more of a game

By | October 25, 2008

Pyskool 0.0.4 is out. As usual, you can download it from the cunningly named downloads page. For this release, I have concentrated on making Pyskool into a bit more of a game than it has been so far – in Skool Daze mode, at least. So, this time round, Eric can write on blackboards; the… Read More »