Monthly Archives: September 2008

And then there was sound

By | September 27, 2008

As you will no doubt agree, it’s about time Pyskool included sound effects. The silent walkings, silent firings of catapults, and silent bells are wholly unnatural, and shouldn’t have been allowed for so long. So you’ll be pleased to hear – heh – that sound will make it into Pyskool 0.0.3. So far I have… Read More »

The difficult second release

By | September 23, 2008

Pyskool 0.0.2 is upon us! Head on over to the downloads page to get your copy. So what’s new in version 0.0.2? The main new feature is that violence has been fully implemented. Eric and the Tearaway are now kitted out with fully functional catapults, and Eric and the Bully are also kitted out with… Read More »

Scholastic violence

By | September 19, 2008

As you will no doubt recall, violence played a large part in the Skool games. If Eric was going to prevent Einstein from reaching the head’s study during break, hitting would be involved; if Eric was going to prevent Mr Wacker from finding the hidden pea shooter on the fire escape, out would come the… Read More »