Main ini file

The main ini file - pyskool.ini - defines key bindings and the appearance and content of the game menus. Each section is described below.


The Keys section defines the key bindings. Each line in the section has the form:

actionId, key1, key2, ...

where actionId is the identifier of the action to bind to the keys key1, key2 and so on. Any number of keys may be bound to an action.

Pyskool recognises the following action identifiers for moving Eric:

  • LEFT - move left
  • RIGHT - move right
  • UP - move up
  • DOWN - move down
  • SIT_STAND - sit down or stand up
  • OPEN_DESK - open a desk
  • FIRE_CATAPULT - fire the catapult
  • FIRE_WATER_PISTOL - fire the water pistol
  • DROP_STINKBOMB - drop a stinkbomb
  • HIT - throw a punch
  • JUMP - jump
  • WRITE - start writing on a blackboard
  • ENTER - finish writing on a blackboard
  • CATCH - try to catch a mouse or frog
  • UNDERSTOOD - acknowledge understanding of a message
  • MOUNT_BIKE - mount the bike
  • DUMP_WATER_PISTOL - throw away the water pistol
  • RELEASE_MICE - release some mice
  • KISS - try to kiss someone

In addition, Pyskool recognises the following identifiers for actions not related to moving Eric:

  • QUIT - quit Pyskool
  • FULL_SCREEN - toggle full-screen mode
  • PAUSE - pause the game
  • SCREENSHOT - take a screenshot
  • SAVE - save the game
  • LOAD - load the most recently saved game
  • MENU - show the menu
  • MENU_EXIT - hide the menu and resume the game
  • MENU_PREV - move to the previous item in the menu
  • MENU_NEXT - move to the next item in the menu
  • MENU_EXEC - execute the selected menu item

Pygame uses keyboard constants to identify keys; a full list of those constants can be found in the pygame documentation. The key names (key1, key2 etc.) declared in a line of the Keys section should match the names of the Pygame keyboard constants, but with the K_ prefix removed.

Version Changes
1.0 Added the FULL_SCREEN action identifier
0.5 New

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