Lines message IDs recognised by Pyskool. The text of the lines messages themselves are defined in the [LinesMessages] section of the ini file.

pyskool.lines.BACK_TO_SKOOL = 'BACK_TO_SKOOL'

Eric should be back in the boys’ skool by now.

pyskool.lines.BE_PUNCTUAL = 'BE_PUNCTUAL'

Eric showed up for class while the swot was grassing on him for being absent.


Prefix for the lines message IDs used when Eric’s teacher is fetching him.

pyskool.lines.GET_ALONG = 'GET_ALONG'

Eric should be in the dinner hall, assembly hall, or a particular classroom by now.

pyskool.lines.GET_OFF_PLANT = 'GET_OFF_PLANT'

Eric is standing on a plant.

pyskool.lines.GET_OUT = 'GET_OUT'

Eric is somewhere he should never be (such as the head’s study).

pyskool.lines.GET_UP = 'GET_UP'

Eric is sitting or lying on the floor.

pyskool.lines.NEVER_AGAIN = 'NEVER_AGAIN'

Somebody knocked a teacher over.

pyskool.lines.NO_BIKES = 'NO_BIKES'

Eric is riding the bike inside the boys’ skool.


Eric is firing his catapult.

pyskool.lines.NO_HITTING = 'NO_HITTING'

Eric is throwing a punch.

pyskool.lines.NO_JUMPING = 'NO_JUMPING'

Eric is jumping.


Eric is sitting on the stairs.


Eric dropped a stinkbomb.

pyskool.lines.NO_TALES = 'NO_TALES'

The swot told a tale.


Eric is firing a water pistol.

pyskool.lines.NO_WRITING = 'NO_WRITING'

Eric is writing on a blackboard.

pyskool.lines.SIT_DOWN = 'SIT_DOWN'

Eric is standing up in class when he should be sitting down.


Eric is sitting down facing the wrong way in assembly.

pyskool.lines.STAY_IN_CLASS = 'STAY_IN_CLASS'

Eric left the classroom and then returned while the swot was grassing on him for being absent.

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