The animatory state IDs recognised by Pyskool. They are used in the [SpriteGroup ...] sections of the ini file.

pyskool.animatorystates.ARM_UP = 'ARM_UP'

Character with arm raised (as if writing on a blackboard or opening a door).

pyskool.animatorystates.BENDING_OVER = 'BENDING_OVER'

Character bending over (as if to catch a mouse).

pyskool.animatorystates.BIKE_ON_FLOOR = 'BIKE_ON_FLOOR'

The bike lying on the floor.

pyskool.animatorystates.BIKE_UPRIGHT = 'BIKE_UPRIGHT'

The bike upright.

pyskool.animatorystates.CATAPULT0 = 'CATAPULT0'

Character firing a catapult (phase 1).

pyskool.animatorystates.CATAPULT1 = 'CATAPULT1'

Character firing a catapult (phase 2).

pyskool.animatorystates.CONKER = 'CONKER'


pyskool.animatorystates.DESK_EMPTY = 'DESK_EMPTY'

Desk lid and empty desk.

pyskool.animatorystates.DESK_STINKBOMBS = 'DESK_STINKBOMBS'

Desk lid and stinkbombs.

pyskool.animatorystates.DESK_WATER_PISTOL = 'DESK_WATER_PISTOL'

Desk lid and water pistol.

pyskool.animatorystates.FLY = 'FLY'

Catapult pellet.

pyskool.animatorystates.HITTING0 = 'HITTING0'

Character throwing a punch (phase 1).

pyskool.animatorystates.HITTING1 = 'HITTING1'

Character throwing a punch (phase 2).

pyskool.animatorystates.HOP1 = 'HOP1'

Frog hopping (phase 1).

pyskool.animatorystates.HOP2 = 'HOP2'

Frog hopping (phase 2).

pyskool.animatorystates.KISSING_ERIC = 'KISSING_ERIC'

Character kissing Eric.

pyskool.animatorystates.KNOCKED_OUT = 'KNOCKED_OUT'

Character lying on back (as if knocked out).

pyskool.animatorystates.KNOCKED_OVER = 'KNOCKED_OVER'

Character sitting on the floor (as when hit by a catapult pellet).

pyskool.animatorystates.PLANT_GROWING = 'PLANT_GROWING'

Plant half-grown.

pyskool.animatorystates.PLANT_GROWN = 'PLANT_GROWN'

Plant fully grown.

pyskool.animatorystates.RIDING_BIKE0 = 'RIDING_BIKE0'

Character riding a bike (phase 1).

pyskool.animatorystates.RIDING_BIKE1 = 'RIDING_BIKE1'

Character riding a bike (phase 2).

pyskool.animatorystates.RUN = 'RUN'

Mouse running.

pyskool.animatorystates.SHERRY_DROP = 'SHERRY_DROP'

Drop of sherry (spilt from a cup).

pyskool.animatorystates.SIT = 'SIT'

Frog sitting still.

pyskool.animatorystates.SITTING_ON_CHAIR = 'SITTING_ON_CHAIR'

Character sitting on a chair.

pyskool.animatorystates.SITTING_ON_FLOOR = 'SITTING_ON_FLOOR'

Character sitting on the floor (as for assembly).

pyskool.animatorystates.STINKBOMB = 'STINKBOMB'

Stinkbomb cloud.

pyskool.animatorystates.WALK0 = 'WALK0'

Character standing/walking (phase 1).

pyskool.animatorystates.WALK1 = 'WALK1'

Character standing/walking (phase 2).

pyskool.animatorystates.WALK2 = 'WALK2'

Character standing/walking (phase 3).

pyskool.animatorystates.WALK3 = 'WALK3'

Character standing/walking (phase 4).

pyskool.animatorystates.WATER0 = 'WATER0'

Water fired from a water pistol (phase 1).

pyskool.animatorystates.WATER1 = 'WATER1'

Water fired from a water pistol (phase 2).

pyskool.animatorystates.WATER2 = 'WATER2'

Water fired from a water pistol (phase 3).

pyskool.animatorystates.WATER3 = 'WATER3'

Water fired from a water pistol (phase 4).

pyskool.animatorystates.WATER4 = 'WATER4'

Water fired from a water pistol (phase 5+).

pyskool.animatorystates.WATERPISTOL = 'WATERPISTOL'

Character firing a water pistol.

pyskool.animatorystates.WATER_DROP = 'WATER_DROP'

Drop of water (spilt from a cup).

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