Almost certainly a game

By | November 13, 2008

Pyskool 0.1 has been released. Head over to the downloads page to grab your copy.

So what’s new? And why the version number bump (from 0.0.4)? Well, to answer both those questions: Skool Daze mode is now essentially complete. (If anything is missing, it’s because I forgot about it, and you should report it as a bug!) In other (and more) words: Eric is expelled if he exceeds the lines limit; the Swot tells tales; Eric will be hunted down if he tries to skip class; the “special” playtimes (and the “stampeding boys” playtimes) have been implemented; and every skool rule is now encouraged and enforced by lines-giving.

Owing to constraints on my spare time as the year closes, this will be the last release of Pyskool in 2008; Pyskool 0.1.1 will not see the light of day until January 2009 at the earliest. Naturally, I’ll be concentrating on filling in the game elements for Back to Skool mode from now on, and perhaps adding things on the side (such as an in-game menu and a save-game feature). A technical reference for implementing your own SkoolScript – for want of a better name for Pyskool’s command language – commands is also on the cards.

Anyway, please try out Pyskool 0.1, and playtest the hell out of it. If you think you’ve found a bug, let me know, and give me lines for it. Pyskool development may be winding down for 2008, but my inbox is always open, and I’ll be back in force in the new year.

2 thoughts on “Almost certainly a game

  1. Hatem Nassrat

    I do not get the rules of the game. I managed to get some points, i guess i did that by framing someone else with my “catapault”. In any case I think I found a bug.

    As I walked into Mr. Whitaker’s Map Class, I got the following traceback:

    File “./”, line 57, in
    File “/Users/hatem/sources/pyskool-0.1/pyskool/”, line 108, in play
    if self.mainLoop(keyboard, clock, cheat):
    File “/Users/hatem/sources/pyskool-0.1/pyskool/”, line 138, in mainLoop
    scroll = self.skool.moveCharacters(keyboard, self.turboMode)
    File “/Users/hatem/sources/pyskool-0.1/pyskool/”, line 354, in moveCharacters
    return self.cast.move(keyboard, turboMode)
    File “/Users/hatem/sources/pyskool-0.1/pyskool/”, line 138, in move
    File “/Users/hatem/sources/pyskool-0.1/pyskool/”, line 225, in move
    File “/Users/hatem/sources/pyskool-0.1/pyskool/”, line 48, in command
    subcommand = command.command(character)
    File “/Users/hatem/sources/pyskool-0.1/pyskool/”, line 290, in command
    nextChair = character.getNextChair(self.moveAlong)
    File “/Users/hatem/sources/pyskool-0.1/pyskool/”, line 465, in getNextChair
    return, moveAlong and self.changesSeats)
    AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘getNextChair’

    PS. Is this the right place to post bug reports?

  2. pyskool

    Yes, you can post bug reports here (or just e-mail me).

    As for the bug you found, hmm…I think I need to implement a core dump feature in pyskool to make it easier to figure out what’s going wrong.

    By the way, who on earth is Mr Whitaker? 🙂

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