Peas, grass and mumps

By | October 28, 2008

Remember those “special” playtimes in Skool Daze? Three playtimes out of eight (on average, in the long run) were one of those where Eric was accosted by a small boy and told some story about Boy Wander, Einstein or Angelface. (Press ‘U’ if you understood.) Eric then had to fix the race to the fire escape between Mr Wacker and Boy Wander so that the tearaway won and picked up the hidden pea shooter with Eric’s name on it before the head found it. Or Eric had to keep on beating Einstein in the face to prevent him from getting to Mr Wacker’s study before the end of break – where, in typical swot fashion, he would tell the head what Eric was up to (bloody snitch). Or Eric had to stay out of Angelface’s way to avoid catching mumps, otherwise Mr Rockitt would come trundling along to send our hero home. Boo!

Anyway, these special playtimes have now been implemented in Pyskool, and will appear in 0.0.5. In addition, Mr Wacker tracks down and expels Eric as soon as he passes the critical 10000 lines mark – a feature which adds a sense of completeness to the game. If you can call it a game yet. It’s getting close, I think.