Slightly more of a game

By | October 25, 2008

Pyskool 0.0.4 is out. As usual, you can download it from the cunningly named downloads page.

For this release, I have concentrated on making Pyskool into a bit more of a game than it has been so far – in Skool Daze mode, at least. So, this time round, Eric can write on blackboards; the teachers will reveal their safe combination letters when all the shields are flashing; Eric can open the safe after writing the correct combination code on a clean blackboard (Mr Wacker’s letter comes first, remember); and Eric will go up a year if he manages to unflash all the shields after opening said safe.

Now, Eric’s job is made somewhat easier than in the original game because (a) the teachers still don’t dish out lines as diligently as they should, and, in any case, (b) Eric’s never expelled, no matter how many lines he gets. Perhaps Pyskool 0.0.5 will address some of those issues.

In other news, you should find that Pyskool’s keyboard responsiveness has improved (so even quick tappings of keys will be processed), and you’ll also find a ready-made custom ini file in the examples directory: sd_take_too.ini. Give it a try with:

$ ./ -i examples/sd_take_too.ini

and see if you recognise the new(ish) teacher.