Almost a little bit of a game

By | October 8, 2008

Well, Pyskool 0.0.3 is out, and as the title of this post foreshadows, there is almost a little bit of a game you can play now. In Skool Daze mode, the shields are gettable. That is, you can make them flash by jumping up to them or hitting them with a catapult pellet. The usual tricks of standing on your skoolmates in order to reach higher, and bouncing pellets off teacher’s heads will work too. Nothing special happens when you get all 15 shields, though. And hitting a flashing shield unflashes it immediately. I did say it was almost a little bit of a game, after all.

In other news, version 0.0.3 includes sounds effects and tunes, and the teachers give lines for some (though not all) rule breakages. Head over to the downloads page to grab your copy. The shields are waiting!